I’m 100% natural • Meals • Mixes and condiments • No added preservatives, flavourants or colourants

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How cookme was born

ViolaRosa Foods was founded in 2009 in order to develop the cookme range of nutritious convenience foods. cookme products underwent extensive development and testing, making their market debut at farmers’ markets and delicatessens around Cape Town and the Boland. The cookme range was awarded the runner-up prize in the 2010 Food Review Product Innovation Awards. cookme is only available direct from ViolaRosa Foods via the Contact page on this website.

A little about me, me, me…

Easy cooking and healthy eating is what I’m all about. I’m made using a low-temperature dehydration process in which my locally-sourced ingredients are slowly dehydrated in order to preserve their nutrients and flavour. In essence, the reason I’m soooo easy is that to cook me you have simply to rehydrate me

Not to boast, but I’m a 100% natural, quality product and excellent value for money. I’m also easily made – I give you the choice of how much cooking creativity you want to put into me: I can be enjoyed made straight from the packet or you can add touches of your own (add some fresh herbs, spices or additional dishes for instance) if the mood so takes you.

I come in a range of mixes, meals and condiments to suit most tastes. I’m fun - enjoy me!